Task Killer (Task Manager)

Task Killer (Task Manager)

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Task Killer (Task Manager) helps to manage and kill applications and services.
It's simple, free, lightweight, intuitive and easy to use, but comes with many features, all customizable.
# available memory and battery level indicator
# display in 4 levels of detail: applications, services, system applications and processes
# one click access to main operations: kill, switch to (open app), ignore (put app in ignore list), force stop detail (open system detail app)
# ignore list: to leave out some applications from the list
# autostart: Task Killer (Task Manager) starts up once the phone is turned on
# autokill : to delete apps automatically every configurable time (except front-end apps and ignore list apps)
# automatic selection of applications to kill (except front-end apps, ingore list apps and active apps)
# notification icon: for quick access to Task Killer (Task Manager)
# direct link to system management services
# keywords : task killer taskmanager manager taskkiller kill app process service free lightweight
Task Killer (Task Manager) is really simple to use: open it and check apps you want to to kill. Automatic selection helps you in this task, choosing for you which app to kill.
From the main list you can access configuration or refresh the list.
Main features in details:
- you can see 4 levels of entities: applications (standard apps downloaded from Google Play), services (they always run in background, like Google Play Services), system applications (system apps pre-installed on device, like maps and messages) and processes (phone internal processes).
You can change your preferences in Settings; these entities will display with different icons. Also you can see colored with green those applications that are interacting with you;
- the ignore list is very useful in order to block autokill and automatic selection; put in this list those app you want always on run;
- auto start functionality allows you to avoid starting each time the application; use it and you do not need to launch the application manually;
- auto kill functionality is a “kill apps planner”: you can specify frequency of auto kill between half, 1, 2, 4 hours or when screen off. At every specified frequency all apps will be killed, except for ones included in ignore list.
Task Killer (Task Manager) allows you to access the main functions quickly and easily, simply by a long press on the selected app; you can kill app, switch to, add to ignore list and force stop/detail.
Force stop/detail is a very useful service as it avoids you making many clicks to access system detail app.
Task Killer (Task Manager) also provides you some informations concerning phone status, like available memory and battery level indicator.


What's New

Show the extimated memory usage of the apps. Go to settings to enable it.



Update: 2017-11-19

Version: 1.4

Requires: Android2.2 or later



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